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SmartAgent saves time & money

We enable travel agents to maximize their business value while delivering excellent customer service. 

SmartAgent is a GDS-agnostic platform that automates the backend processes for travel agencies, including these features:



The My PNRs feature allows agents to retrieve and  manage all their active PNRs in one place at a glance.

An intuitive interface with built in filters enables the agent  to view and manage his most important PNRs and assist  him with his queue management tasks.

The filters are chosen by the agent and include relevant PNR information e.g. date, flight number, airline, passenger  name and many more.



Ticketing due

Notifications sent to the agent to keep them informed of the time remaining for the ticketing of a PNR. PNR details are used to determine ticketing deadlines.


Agents are notified when the fare optimization engine finds a better pricing option for a specific itinerary. The GDS operation can be either fully or semi-automated, according to configuration.

Schedule changes

Notifications are sent when the airline makes a change in schedule for a flight. GDS operation and customer notifications can be automatically handled by the system.

Waitlist approvals

Agents are notified when the airline approves a waitlist request. GDS operation and customer notifications can be automatically handled by the system.


PNR/Segment Cancellation

Agents are alerted to an ADM risk due to a cancellation status received from the air content provider

Online GDS Operations

 The system can be configured to perform operations on the GDS and interact with other existing automatic tools to maximize a TMC’s productivity.


My Share

The My Share collaboration module enhances the  communication between the agent and their customers.

By keeping the customer informed and Up-to-date with any  relevant changes or any action taken our agents keep an  ongoing dialog with their customers to gain their outmost  satisfaction. Within two clicks this module enable the agent to  share any flight rescheduling or ticketing due parameters plus  more with their customer.


Smart Agent Personal Assistant Download

A pre-configuration and a business agreement are required in order to use SmartAgent.   Agency approval must be granted in order for a travel agent to use SmartAgent.

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