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Frequently asked questions


What are the main benefits of SmartAgent?

SmartAgent is a web and native mobile application which helps travel agents manage their PNRs and queue messages easily. SmartAgent delivers valuable information such as lower price availability and PNR status changes including segment cancellation, confirmation from waitlist and schedule change. SmartAgent can work in either an automatic or a semi-automatic mode, with or without a human intervension.

Which mobile devices are supported by SmartAgent?

SmartAgent supports any mobile device running iOS 9 and up or Android 4.1 and up. SmartAgent web can be used with any modern web browser.

Is there a guide or manual to SmartAgent?

Please find a user guide with core functionality description here:

Do I need a Smartphone to run SmartAgent?

SmartAgent runs on any browser (desktop or mobile). SmarAgent can also run as a native Android or iOS application.


Which pricing qualifiers does reprice support?

Supported price qualifiers include*:

  • Branded fare
  • Penalty specification
  • Force qualifier
  • Account codes
  • Airline
  • Corporate code
  • Fare type (public/private)
  • Name select
  • Passenger type
  • Force passenger type
  • Segment/s select
  • No advance purchase
  • No fare restrictions
  • No min max stay
  • No penalty
Corresponding Sabre pricing qualifiers: Branded fare (BR), penalty (MPR/MPC), force (XC), account (AC*), airline (A), corporate (I), fare type (PL/PV/NL), name select (N)*, passenger type (P)*, force passenger type (XO), segment select (S), no advance purchase (XA), no fare restrictions (XR), no min max stay (XS), no penalty (XP)

I created a valid PNR, but it was not handled by the reprice process.  What could be the reason?

In order for PNRs to be repriced, they must meet a set of requirements: It must contain at least one active PQ. All air segments must be active. Airline reference id must exist. Agent initials must be valid and the agent must be pre-registered to SmartAgent.

I didn’t get any Reprice notification since I started using SmartAgent, why?

SmartAgent is using your price quote when trying to save you some money, please make sure your price information in stored in your PNR.

Is it possible to know before approving the reprice if there is  a change in pricing rules?

Yes, under the PNR data line you can open the Price rules and see all fare rules as it shown in your GDS.

Is it possible to get  relevant notification that will consider Corporate number?

Yes, we reprice your PNR with data qualifiers that saved in your quote.

I don’t want to get notification for some PNR , is  it possible not to get a notification for a specific PNR?

Yes, by moving the “Stop Repricing” button to the left side you will not get reprice notification for that specific PNR.


When I try to register, I get a message saying my email or phone number are wrong. What could be the problem?

In order to register to SmartAgent successfully, email address and phone must match the details supplied by the travel agency as part of the pre-registration process. Check the details with the agency's contact person.


According to my settings, segments with HX status should be automatically cancelled by SmartAgent and I should only receive an informative notification. In spite of that, I got a PNR cancellation notification with a PENDING status, what happened?

If the PNR is ticketed or if it is a group PNR, it will not be cancelled automatically even if you configured SmartAgent to automatically cancel segments which are in HX status.

Schedule change

If the first flight in my PNR has already departed, and there is a schedule change in one of the next flights, will a schedule change notification arrive?

Yes. Status messages received from airlines are sent even if the first flight has departed.