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My Share

My Share collaboration module helps you enhance the communication with your customers.

Keep your customers up-to-date and gain their satisfaction by sharing with them reservation related information in just a few clicks.

Information can be shared by Email or by WhatsApp.

My Share is available for Rescheduled and for Ticketing due notifications.


Rescheduled Notification Information

Share with your customer that the time of his flight has changed.

Original flight details and new flight details are conveniently placed next to one another so that your customer can see the change clearly.

You can use your email or WhatsApp to share the information, the customer can then reply  directly, should he have any further questions.


Ticketing Due Information 

Notify your customer that his reservation proposal is about to expire.

Share reservation proposal details using your email or WhatsApp.

Your customer can then reply you directly with his decision. 

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