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Smart Agent Version 2.0


My Share

My Share collaboration module helps you enhance the communication with your customers.

Keep your customers up-to-date and gain their satisfaction by sharing with them reservation related information in just a few clicks.

Information can be shared by Email or by WhatsApp.

My Share is available for Rescheduled and for Ticketing due notifications.


New Design For Notification Details

My Notifications details section has been redesigned. Notification information is now presented in a more comprehensive format. 

Reprice notification details 

In order for reprice changes to be noticed more easily, for each changed price quote the presentation includes:

  • Current price quote, before reprice 

  • New price quote, after reprice 

Rescheduled notification details 

Original flight details and new flight details are displayed next to one another in order for the change to be seen more clearly.



A new module which allows you to view and manage your orders.

Using this module you can view your GDS reservations using an intuitive and easy to use user interface.  

My PNRs includes filtering options, so that you can quickly locate a particular reservation or a group of reservations. 


Churning Notification

Churning notification is a new notification type, which refers to repeated cancelling and rebooking of the same itinerary across one or more PNRs.

Whenever a PNR is created, a check is performed to see if a PNR with the same passenger and itinerary was cancelled recently in the same agency. If such a PNR is found, a churning notification is sent to the agent who created the new PNR. 

Churning notifications are displayed under the ADMs category.



Class availability

Class availability is a new process which check availability prior to receiving a wait-list confirmation form the airline.

The process performs a search request for segments in HL status. If the class is available a notification is sent. 

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