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My PNRs Menu

Select the MY Pnrs menu in order to open My Pnrs module.


List of PNRs

Each PNR is displayed in a separate row which includes:

  1. Pnr Number - GDS PNR number

  2. Status - Booked / Ticketed

  3. Passengers - Number of Passengers

  4. Main Passenger

  5. Flight - First flight leg

  6. Departure Time - Departure Time and Date

  7. Notifications - If this PNR has notification an icon is displayed according to notification type. If the notification is new an indicator with the number of new notification is displayed on the icon.  


PNR Filtering

Using PNR filters you can search for a sprcific PNR or for a group of PNRs.

Filter criteria:​​

  1. Pnr Creation Date

  2. Ticketed (All/Yes/No)

  3. Departure Date

  4. Airline

  5. Customer Number

  6. Passenger Name

  7. From ,To

  8. PNR Number

  9. Flight Number


PNR Details

By clicking the arrow at the end of PNR display row, PNR details and notification are displayed:

  1. PNR Timeline - A graphical illustration of PNR status - Booked / Ticket voidable / Ticketed / Departure

  2. Passengers - List of passengers.

  3. Itinerary - Flight, Hotel and Car details

  4. Notifications - Notification details, in case there are any. 
    You can open notification details for more information or delete the notification in case it is no longer relevant.


Notification Details

By clicking the arrow at the end of the notification row you can drill down and view notification details. You can also Approve or Confirm the notification, share it with the customer or to delete it.

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